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Forum Rules

Post by Duzt on Sun May 15, 2016 8:42 pm

General Information

In addition to the Game Rules, we have several rules regarding the forums that must be followed at all times. Failure to follow these rules may result in a temporary ban (for many minor infractions) to permanent bans (for major infractions) No forums, even private ones, are exempt from these rules..

Minor Infractions are generally anything that results in a Moderator telling you something needs to stop. If they have to tell you more than one time that accounts for a minor infraction. Minor infractions are temporary but if you have several in a short period of time, it will result in a Temporary ban lasting up to two weeks.

Major Infractions are more serious and need to be avoided in their entirety. These are generally ban worthy infractions. There is no set system for obtaining a Major Infraction but these tend to be game related, and obtaining just a few of these will result in a permanent ban.

Reporting an Infraction

If you believe that an infraction has taken place and a staff member is not aware of it then you may report it in one of the following manners.

If the infraction took place in a post then you may report it by clicking on the report button and selecting the appropriate category. If you can not find or are unsure of the category then select other. Fill in the comment box and click save. This will send a report to the staff members for review.

If you wish to report an infraction that took place outside of the forums (Private Message, Chat Room, E-mail) Take a screenshot of the full violation, and a text copy, if applicable. Send it to an appropriate staff member.

Please be aware that if you are suspected of wasting staff members time with several non-infractions then it could result in an infraction, and loss of privilege for making future reports. Any reporting when your privilege has been revoked may result in a temporary ban.


Any plagiarism on the forum for any reason will result in an infraction.


Any attempt to further your character by avoiding specific rules, or creating multiple accounts with the sole purpose of bettering your character will result in a Major Infraction and a possible permanent ban.


Any comment or action done with the intent of angering or provoking members will result in an infraction. Be aware that Trolling is purely an out of character infraction and may be done in character as long as no other rules are broken. Please make not that you may receive an infraction for responding to an out of character trolling.


Any attempt made to attack another player in or out of game for out of character reasons will be considered flaming. This will result in a minor infraction on the first offense but will become a Major Infraction if the flaming continues.


Any vulgar language is not accepted and will result in a minor infraction. This is any language that tends to offend the majority of players. This is not something that we will leave up for debate and a staff members decision is final. If you try to argue the issue it can result in a Temporary Ban.

Please be aware that at this time all forum posts are to be made in English. Posting in any language other than English can result in a minor infraction.


Posting anything that is deemed useless and not contributing to the forum in any way is considered Spamming. This includes the Out of Character threads, single line roleplay posts, replies that don't contribute to a thread, or posts with emoticons only. This applies to ooc posting in all roleplay threads. Breaking this rule will result in an infraction.

Sexual Harassment

This is any offensive or unwanted sexual advances to another member, making offensive sexual remarks, or any other acts you might manage. We believe in a friendly atmosphere for all members no matter if they are male or female. These infractions are taken very seriously and will, with prof, result in a permanent ban of not only the account, but also the IP. This means anyone under the same IP will be permanently banned as well. We do not make exceptions for Sexual Harassment. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed, report it immediately!

Multiple Accounts

Members are not allowed to have more than one account on PokeSim. If you are caught with multiple accounts, and it is determined you were attempting to cheat, then you will receive a permanent ban, and an IP ban. The account you first sign up with on PokeSim will be yours forever. You may share an IP/computer with another member as long as you follow the appropriate steps for IP sharing.


Avatars are allowed but they must be free of distractions. It must not be offensive in any way to other members on the forum. Violating this rule will result in the loss of avatar privileges. This loss of privilege may be temporary or permanent depending on the number of avatar infractions you have received.


These are to be kept clean, and must follow all forum rules. Links to other sites are permitted as long as they do not lead to offensive material. Signatures must contain your trainer name and a link to your Trainer Card. You will receive a private message if you don't follow this rule. Failure to fix any mistakes will result in an infraction.


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